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The Rebuild

On Feb 28 2022 Lismore awoke to the worst flood in our recorded history. The amount of devastation and loss was beyond belief, with many in our city losing houses, possessions, cars and tragically some lives. Our church building was completely inundated with over 2 metres of flood water, resulting in the loss of everything we had in the building and compromising everything except the structure. Thankfully, many of the men and women from many of the churches in our fellowship spontaneously joined with us on the weekend after to clean and help not just our church building but some of the homes around us.  

After the big clean, it has taken a considerable effort from the men and women of our local church to build back better than we were before. 

Our church is now ready for you and your family to come and be a part of what God is building in the city of Lismore.

Below are some of the pictures of the rebuild process.

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